How it works

The Science

We create a chain reaction. First, we optimize your listings for online marketplaces like Amazon. This boosts your conversion (AKA - we turn more window shoppers into buyers). Then, we send tons of traffic to those listings using Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The Result

The increased traffic and increased sales we create will boost your organic search ranks on places like Google and Amazon. This, in turn, grows your brand reach all over the web. It is rocket fuel for your products.

Our 3-Step Process To Growing Your Brand

We Implement Data-Driven Marketing Systems For Brand Owners

And we use that data to drive traffic, grow your brand, and boost your sales
Step 1 - Strategy

We analyze your brand online and build out customized campaigns that fit your needs based on real analytics

Step 2 - PPC

Our Pay-Per-Click advertising will drive traffic to your product listings everywhere online we carry your products

Step 3 - SEO

Traffic from PPC and the increased conversions from our strategy campaigns will boost your SEO on Google and Amazon 

Akinez Global

"Constant and never-ending improvement of your brand through PPC, SEO and online marketplace strategy"


What Sets Us Apart

Brand Protection

We work to help you remove MAP breakers and unauthorized sellers

Marketplace Trends

We position you ahead of trends, so that you’re in front of the crowd, not following


We are able to get your product out to an international audience

Boost Reviews

Get more positive product reviews online with our automated campaigns

Competitor Analysis

Shine a light on what competing brands are doing in relation to your strategy